As is common in Washington DC today, Mueller came out and personally explained his Russian Collusion and Obstruction findings, yet seemed while he was speaking. The Democrats did not hear a word he said, instead, listened to their script.

Sorry, this took so long to post, been working on the computer for over 7 hours now, hackers decided to attack my personal computer this time, hope it is cleared up.

The new Bidden and Democratic plan, claim what you had little to do with as all your own. They are now claiming the Trump economy is theirs, Trump had little to do with it, trying to take the credit of an economy they had little to do with setting up.

Trump policy - Tell Nations Exactly What You Are Going To Do If They Threaten The US, Then Back It Up With A Huge Stick.

FISA material is going to be released, it's the beginning of the end, the chickens are running for cover, the fox has gotten into the hen house, they will soon start looking for the one to sacrifice to keep them all from being consumed. Justice is getting ready to have its day, that is a great thing for all Americans.

If you impeach without crime, you will polarize this nation worse then it is already, this could set this nation off on a path towards civil war. But if you remove by force, I promise, you will have a civil war on your hands!

While the Democrats love to brag that Obama's administration ended with no major scandal, we could find out that it was the most corrupt and scandalous administration this nation has ever had.

The left is at it again, they now are moving from passive resistance to active, thus setting in motion a chain of events that could quickly spiral out of control, for them, that is. This is an act of obstruction, to prevent ICE from carrying out their duties, let the arrests begin.

Trump's idea of negotiating - A baseball bat and a phone. Fight, we beat you; talk, we meet you.

We have been deluged with this question of abortion over the last couple of days, personally hate to write on this, feel these celebrities drain my brain, but had to write on this, their goals, and what is my stance on this is.