A lot of service providers are wanting to block your access to freedombook, so if you are having trouble registering or logging in, please call 850.362.6180 Option 1. we have live tech support daily and she is very good.

Tim Reese I am writing to report an issue at sign up. This is not a complaint, rather an FYI. I originally attempted to sign up with my gmail address. I waited and waited and bounced back and forth between my Spam and Inbox folders for several minutes. At that point I decided to try with an old Yahoo address. Hit the button, checked the email and was on here in less than 4 minutes. As I write this, the verification still has not arrived at the other address.

Stephen Ensley Yes we are aware of the gmail issue. For some reason they refuse to deliver our validation emails even though we have complained.

Terry Martin Wish Not To Be Notified of people Leaving Notification to My Email Can I Shut That Off

Hey folks looks like freedombook has made the big time! Every time some one signs up, the system sends a verification email so that the subscriber can confirm they are the real subscriber. Apparently gmail and several others are blocking this verification email for whatever reason. Could they be afraid of little old us eroding their monopoly? Although we do have thousands of subscribers we are just a grain of sand on the beach compared to facebook or google or MSN or yahoo or AOL. But apparently these folks are very intolerant to any other options. So if you signed up recently and did not see a confirmation, please be assured it was sent and that we have you signed up. Spread the word, lets make them squirm a little. Also we hope to have 247 new features available within in the next 30-60 days including live stream, group chat, shared calendar, games and much much more.

Stephen Ensley Dianne, what user said you need the pictue?

Mr. P. Mcdaniel Steve, it took a LONG time for my verification email to arrive and when it did, I had THREE of them at once. But thankfully I'm signed up and logged in now. Thanks.

Stephen Ensley The delay was probably due to the fact we had to manually validate because your ISP was blocking the automatic validation email.

rhoda amelia how can i change my user name

Stephen Ensley Rhoda, we have to change that for you. go ahead and create anew user and we will delete the old

Would you like an ad to post on this site? Just send an email to sensley@afo.net and he will get you the info you need. With thousands of subscribers already, your ad would be very targeted at pro-family, pro-faith and conservative viewers.

Laura Burt-Thorpe I have mentioned jumping over to this site several times. It is so hard to get people to move even though they are extremely unhappy with FB. This morning I posted that it is like getting them to stop voting for career politicians who abuse us, but we keep voting them in, allowing the abuse to continue or get even worse!

Stephen Ensley I certainly understand, but fortunately a lot of folks are coming over, we have grown by over 300% in the last three months.Change is hard, but often is worth it.

Carla Di Liberti Are my comments posting

Looking for a super secure and private email, one that is ad free and designed to protect your privacy. Check out AFOmail at https://afo.net/afomail.php. Thousands have selected this email service for reliability, speed and security. It is also imap compatible which means it will work on smart phones, PC's, laptops and tablets,

We are currently searching for some private venture capital to allow us to hasten our development of this site. Equity positions are available. If you or someone you know would be interested please call Steve Ensley at 850.582.3339 or email Steve at sensley@afo.net.

I have to share that I am thrilled with all the ladies signing up for freedombook. So far our ratio of men to women has been 60% men, 40% women, but that is changing quickly. For the most part all the members have been people of faith and conservative values. Have only had to terminate a couple of subscribers for extremely vulgar language and that will not be tolerated. Especially the F-word, very vulgar and offensive even though it is common vernacular for the intellectually impoverished members of the public. Vulgarity is always used when one side has no justification for their hate or actions.

Stephen Ensley Carla, if you see any such activity on this site inform me immediately. That kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

Carla Di Liberti I will. But I have not seen that here, only on the other sites.

Diane Diggles KY here 😃

Diana Kerr Stephen Ensley, I'd be happy to bring more of my lady friends over.... unfortunately,. your page requires e-mails and a lot of my friends from Facebook are friends from Facebook and I don't have their e-mails. You may want to consider making this an e-mail invitation site!

Stephen Ensley we are not allowed to use the same method as facebook due to copyright issues and patent issues, so we have to use the next best thing, emails.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died.

Ed Smith Get ready for the next anti-Trump surge.

Donna Brock Strong Yep! I do believe that September & October are going to be like nothing we've ever seen before! Christians need to be FERVENTLY PRAYING!!!!!!!

We are thrilled with the number of recent subscribers and to make sure this is a great experience, I need to let you all know that this is a work in progress and we will soon be adding functionality and fixing some bugs. So please bare with us as we attempt to make this a social site you will want to share with friends.

Phyllis Cash How to I get a friend that has already joined

Stephen Ensley click on the 3 white line in the top blue bar (left side of the screen), that will give you a drop down box where you can search for you friend, then click on their name to add them as a friend

Important System Update: As of today your wall will only show postings from people flagged as friends. This is to cut down on the amount of material displaying for each user. Thank you.

Diane Diggles Hello, I just started on FreedomBook and have brought some friends with me. I do have some questions. Is there a place to ask questions?

Stephen Ensley send all your queries to freedombook@afo.net

Tami Patton Donna Brock Strong, if you click on the three-bar icon in the upper left of the screen a side menu pops up from the left. There is a search bar there that I used to search for my sister and found her.

Diane Diggles Stephen Ensley, thank you. I will note that for further questions. Tara answered my last few.

Donna Brock Strong Tami ... yes, I discovered that since my earlier post. Thanks!

OK, I don't usually post comments from my own personal beliefs, but after a discussion with my wife and watching the depressing news, I feel compelled to make this clear. I believe our country is experiencing the consequences of our failure to protect life. All of what we see in 2020 is the result of our decision in 1973 to abandon the most helpless of life. How can we expect anything to be respected if we do not respect the life of the most innocent. Cops, statues, buildings other people, none of these have any value if we cannot value and protect the most innocent of human life. Ifwe cannot respect the unborn, we will respect nothing. Exactly what we are seeing, right?

Ed Smith Duh. You'd think that, even with my "senior moment" I'd remember THAT address. lol..

Stephen Ensley Not to worry I sometimes forget myself - lol

gamal memo why after 1973?

Stephen Ensley 1973 was the year that the supreme court invented the right to abortion and the holocaust in America began. There can be no right to murder babies, it is evil and wrong and we are paying for that now. If the life of the most helpless human can be snuffed out based on convenience than NO LIFE is respected, which is exactly what we are seeing.

Kris Jardine So many of the Biblical stories are being relived. What is going on, in the world right now, is why God sent the flood. To me, President Trump is our modern day Moses. We, the people do nothing but blame and go against everything he has tried to do. Funny how those from other countries see that our president is trying to do good. We, as the Isralites would rather live in bondage and not enjoy the freedoms given to us by God.