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Diane Diggles Hello, I just started on FreedomBook and have brought some friends with me. I do have some questions. Is there a place to ask questions?

Stephen Ensley send all your queries to

Tami Patton Donna Brock Strong, if you click on the three-bar icon in the upper left of the screen a side menu pops up from the left. There is a search bar there that I used to search for my sister and found her.

Diane Diggles Stephen Ensley, thank you. I will note that for further questions. Tara answered my last few.

Donna Brock Strong Tami ... yes, I discovered that since my earlier post. Thanks!

OK, I don't usually post comments from my own personal beliefs, but after a discussion with my wife and watching the depressing news, I feel compelled to make this clear. I believe our country is experiencing the consequences of our failure to protect life. All of what we see in 2020 is the result of our decision in 1973 to abandon the most helpless of life. How can we expect anything to be respected if we do not respect the life of the most innocent. Cops, statues, buildings other people, none of these have any value if we cannot value and protect the most innocent of human life. Ifwe cannot respect the unborn, we will respect nothing. Exactly what we are seeing, right?

Stephen Ensley Have you friend signup again and I will manually confirm his sign up

Tim Marden Agreed

Bobby Reeves Exactly right, agree.

Ed Smith Duh. You'd think that, even with my "senior moment" I'd remember THAT address. lol..

Stephen Ensley Not to worry I sometimes forget myself - lol

I just deleted an image of a scantily glad woman, that might have been ok if there had been any text with it. As it is the picture could have been taken many different ways. This is a free site I own and I have the right to monitor and control content. All are welcome to use it, but not all content is appropriate. And because I own it, I decide.

Diane Diggles I did not see it, but thank you very much for removing it.

Admin - have received some complaints about the profanity filter. Here is our policy, this is a free site created to serve people with common sense and decency. If you have to use profanity to make your point, you are intellectually lazy and I suggest you use some other site.. The filter stays.

Donna Yelle Thank you

Donna Yelle God bless

Marcia Peterson 👍

Raleigh Richter keep the filter or else it becomes like any other social media filled with vulgar- thank you for keeping it clean and decent

Diane Diggles Thank you!!!

Good Monday morning everyone. Hope you are enjoying Freedombook! If I could ask a favor, please spread the word so that we can keep this site growing. It's not for everyone, but it is an outlet for us conservative faith based people. Thanks God bless!

Donna Yelle Great news

Thanks to all you new members joining freedombook, our goal and mission is to provide a safe and conservative alternative social site for those of us with traditional Christian values. Please invite your relatives and friends to join us. God bless! - Steve

Donna Yelle God bless

Diane Diggles I am trying to spread the word!

If you have not yet heard, I recommend you attend the movie "UNPLANNED" about Abby Johnson and her time with Planned Parenthood. Bring tissues. Opens 3/29.Finally the truth about that horrid organizations is coming out.

Good morning! This morning we need to pray for truth, justice and clean hearts to prevail in the special testimony going on regarding Kavanaugh and accuser, especially truth! God bless!

Back to school - dangerous?

Back to school is in full swing. Books, supplies, schedules AND COMPUTERS are being acquired to equip our most precious children for the next school year. However ..... while supplies and books and schedules generally do not create life threatening situations, COMPUTERS DO! Every smart phone, tablet and laptop has the potential to kidnap and destroy your child. Does this sound too strong? Folks, it is the real truth. As parents we care about the physical safety of our children and we assume the schools will help protect the physical and moral safety of our children (if not the spiritual). However, the real truth is computers and hands-tied school systems are no protection for your child. If you do not want your child to be the next victim of stalking, bad behavior, bullying and worse, you must takes steps to help protect the safety of your children online. The best way to prevent this destruction is to reduce exposure to the dark side of the Internet. That means every child with a smart phone , tablet or laptop should have filtering to prevent exposure! Prevention is a lot easier and less expensive than counseling! For more information, please go to .

Kevin Hannaford The dark side of the internet may provide more truth than the propagandist garbage being taught in public schools.

Stephen Ensley That would be the good side of the Internet, there certainly is lots of great stuff on the Internet. The dark side is all about identity theft, pornography, stalking, vulgarity, hacking, viruses, DDOS attacks, etc. I could list more but you get the idea.

Diane Diggles Amen!