Breaking Update:
Yet another Tropical Storm making landfall in the Gulf.
Tropical Storm Beta could still reach hurricane strength before making landfall in Texas next week.
Tropical Storm Beta, which is holding stationary in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico, might reach hurricane strength Sunday night or Monday before a potential landfall in Texas on Monday night or Tuesday morning.
There is still a lot of uncertainty to the track that Beta takes, but the latest forecast shows the storm slowly moving toward the Texas coast with a possible landfall as a strong tropical storm or Category 1 hurricane.
Compiled from National Hurricane Center and ABC News...

Tara Coffman According to my Grandmother, Texas could really use the rain. We were just hit by Sally, and definitely got a lot of rain!

Hurricane Sally Update:

Governor Kay Ivey held a news conference Tuesday morning to update Hurricane Sally.
She warned everyone in Alabama to prepare now for what could be heavy, long rains, possible flooding and winds. She also asked Gulf coast residents to get to a safe place.
From Governor Kay Ivey: “As we continue making preparations for Hurricane Sally to impact Alabama, I thank President Trump and his Administration for approving our request so quickly. We will continue closely monitoring the developments today, and I urge everyone in the coastal areas south of I-10 and in low-lying areas to take all precautions and heed advice from weather experts and local officials. Please stay vigilant, Alabama.”
By Tuesday afternoon, when the hurricane will likely be just offshore, the models show the steering currents collapsing and Sally is likely to drift northward before finally turning northeastward ahead of a developing mid-level trough over the central U.S. by late Wednesday. There continues to be a significant amount of uncertainty on exactly where and when Sally turns northward and makes landfall, with model solutions ranging from a landfall on the Florida panhandle to a landfall in Alabama or Mississippi or extreme southeastern Louisiana. It should be emphasized that it is always challenging to forecast the track of hurricanes in weak steering currents, and in Sally's case the weak steering is occurring very near land. The latest NHC track forecast is a little to the east of the previous one, keeping the east-track shift trend continuing. For Tuesday, we will see windy conditions. And depending on Sally's track, we could see squalls from time to time with some surge near the coast. We are not completely out of the woods so do not let your guard down. The good news is that South Mississippi's threat for extreme rainfall and storm surge has decreased from yesterday with now up to 9 feet of surge instead of 11 feet and now mainly 4 to 15 inches of rainfall instead of 10 to 20 inches which is still pretty significant. As long as Sally continues to move slowly or meander offshore, we should not expect to see a dramatic increase in bad weather over Mississippi.
Meantime, other Tropical Cyclones are brewing and gaining strength. Paulette, Teddy and Vicky in particular are of interest. See the map below for locations. We’ll keep you posted.

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Ed Smith I use a PC, Phyllis. I just saved credentials and bookmarked the login pretty well that way.

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Sid Bowdidge Hello Mark. The big red letters to the right AFO American Family Online. Internet filtering

Ed Smith AFO is a wonderful organization, Mark. I was around during the company's infancy and watched it grow into the company it is today. Filtering unwanted things from your Internet feed; now for cellular and other devices, too. It's especially great for anyone who has a pornography addiction or for kids. I strongly recommend it for public and private usage. I would love to see libraries and other places with public internet get this filter!!

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