Art sure is subjective. Those that think piss-Christ is art are likely to facilitate rape of minors. Those that think The Emancipation commemorative statue is art are likely to not facilitate the rape of black communities.

DEFUND THE pelosi !

Some worry about A.I. getting smarter than us... THAT doesn't bother me, because if A.I. is smarter than us it will recognize the obviousness of GOD. The morals part then comes into play, because we don't know if it will choose to lie, and in conjunction with that; if it will respect the fact of itself being judged. I think we have a great gift in realizing how much we have been given and don't want to lose as one facet in regard to 'judgement.' Here is a LIKELY nightmare scenario.... We will program 'a.i.' to immitate and emulate what WE consider "intelligence" to be, only it will do it a million times per second.... beyond our capability to call b.s. at many times... and will will leap to trust our own 'lie' at the first semblance of cognisance zzzzz---- oh sorry.. like a mind blowing street performance. Oh, and lookout for the programmers putting in back doors to impose their will upon us, purporting it to come from 'the higher intelligence!"

George Van Tuyl AI must be first coded by human beings If those coders/programmers are all liberals. Then the results will not be in favour of conservatives. can you Imagine an AI ROUTINE. S searching the internet and determining your political leanings. TThen giving you a Communist Chinese type social score. Affecting your profession, credit, Neighbors, community.

bob jones ..this site could take a page from FB and incude a happy emoji, a heart emoji, and a screaming in horror emoji.... oh wait, found the emojis

bob jones 😱 God help us!

bob jones to George Van Tuyl... subtle or unaware 'programming' could be much more damaging and not as obvious... World View In, World View Out. WVIWVO !!!!!

bob jones
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Hi, I am hoping sites like this flourish as unfair sites diminish. I believe Facebook and Twitter are free to run their companies as they see fit as long as they don't violate rights... and I don't believe in telling them what they have to do. I don't want to force any bakers to promote things they don't believe in. Hopefully this site handles it's freedom better than the so-called 'liberals or democrats.'

Stephen Ensley John - your comments are exactly what we are trying to accomplish. We will not tolerate vulgarity or threats, but any honest dialog is welcome and again we not censor the conservative side of issues.