These are just a few of the destructive types we battle on a daily basis.

We're still working on bits and pieces in the background, minor tweaks and adjustments, thank you to those who have come and signed up (maybe again?).

Profanity filter has been added (yes took this long to set one up and put it to use).

Ryan Rauch I think if we could make a profanity filter that can be turned on or off :) but then again im new here

Diane Diggles I think a profanity filter is a very good idea. There is never a need to use profanity. For Christians our speech should be pure. I do not think it should have an option to turn it off. I am wondering how smart the filter is for proper uses of "God" and "Jesus", etc?

Harley Foran Haha

Ann Kenevan YOU BETCHA!

Trying out some links....

Videos are not working at this time, is a planned future upgrade.

This site as it sits now... but we hope to change that soon...

Jim Roberts When i first joined this site all I remember seeing is is you @White Knight but now there are much more people, the members will be in the billions like Fascistbook soon enough!

Diane Diggles Hello, I am new to your site. Is there a place to ask questions? I have figured out some things, but not others. :-)

Freedombook Admin
Changed profile picture.

Welcome to the new Freedombook! We are still working on the bits and pieces, so please bear with us as we continue to make the changes and updates to this new system.

Kenny Belyea How can I find groups I would like? Such as reloading, gun nuts, etc...

Richard Wheeler I just joined and like what I see. Like Kenny, I'm curious how it works. You might send a link to a page with instructions pointing out features, how to adjust settings, and how to connect with friends or groups. I'm glad there's an alternative to Facebook.

Diane Diggles Wow! It looks like I actually scrolled all the way to the first post! Now, I am all caught up!