PSA: If anyone is interested, just found out from my husband that President Trump will be the guest host today on Russ Limbaugh's radio show. Check your local listing ...

If you wish to voice your opinion against abortion, you can sign this petition:

Hearts of Faith needs your help! We need everyone to subscribe to the YouTube account below ... once we get 1,000 subscribers, we'll be able to do YouTube LIVE Videos (since Facebook is updating its LIVE videos policy on October 1). THANKS!!!!!

Diane Diggles Looks like we may need to do the same post. :-) What is the new policy going to entail?

Donna Brock Strong As of October 1, LIVE videos will be under more scrutiny because some were sharing songs to which they didn't own the rights to do so. And they're suggesting that videos which are shared just be clips of songs, not complete songs. I personally think they're using this to shut down church's online streaming. SAD!

Donna Brock Strong Facebook: October 1st Terms of Service Change - Music Guidelines
"You may not use videos on our Products to create a music listening experience

We want you to be able to enjoy videos posted by family and friends. However, if you use videos on our Products to create a music listening experience for yourself or for others, your videos will be blocked and your page, profile or group may be deleted. This includes Live."

I just shared this on Facebook but wanted to also share it here, in case someone here might miss it on Facebook ...

I went to bed lastnight and began praying for our country. I wasn't praying aloud, just silently in my mind. As I was praying, I could feel God's presence so strong in the room that it was THICK ... it felt as if I could cut it with a knife! It was so strong that I actually STOPPED praying and just lied there.

I then lifted my hands into the air, but not like one would normally do when praising. They were lifted up, with my hands turned over and my palms were cupped. It was so strong and I felt like my arms and hands were HEAVY!!!! But, it wasn't a type of heavy that made me feel like they were falling. THEY WERE STRONG!!!! My eyes were shut the entire time but it was almost like I was seeing my arms and it seemed like they were strong and hard, almost like gold. It was almost as if I holding up something/someone that needed to be braced.

I've never had anything like this happen before and it lasted about five minutes. For quite some time, I couldn't speak ... I would start and I just couldn't. Finally, I just started thanking God for his presence.

When this all ended, I almost felt as if I had been in the very throne room of God. It was so incredible!

Not sure what it all means, but just thought I'd share. Maybe this will be for someone who's going through something and needs to know that GOD will hold you up through something and you'll come out like gold, refined in the fire. That's the only thing I really get right away about this.

Praying everyone has a blessed day!

Sid Bowdidge Praise the Lord Donna! Thanks for sharing with everyone

Stephen Ensley Thank you for sharing, I think that message was for me!!

Ed Smith No doubt that I needed this today! Thanks for posting.

Donna Brock Strong You're all very welcome ... it's quite humbling when God uses us as He does for what He knows is needed of others.

"Grace Medley" ... #53 for week ended 9/13/20 ... thanks DJs!

This is a VERY interesting and thought-provoking video from an Assemblies of God pastor in Kentucky. I don't personally know this man, but something just tells me he is simply sharing what God has been giving him. I think it's worth a listen. He has several videos on YouTube and you can find those by searching for him: Dana Coverstone

Received my pre-ordered copy of "Harbinger II" yesterday afternoon. Finished it this afternoon! WOW!!!! If you've not read "The Harbinger" and "Harbinger II" ... I highly recommend BOTH! You can purchase at and also support a Christian company!

Ed Smith I'm hoping they make it into a movie.

Donna Brock Strong Tried to "LOVE" your statement, but that's still not working (at least, for me). YES ... that would be awesome!!!!!

Diane Diggles Not working for me either.

Ed Smith I noticed that. IDK specifically what is up, but I do know this site is still in development. It takes a while to get bugs out and features installed and working...I know that much.