You guys are such quiet conservatives. Don't let's the libs win!

Maximilian Gassmann Yeah, don't let's!

Jim Roberts Hard to speak up when the "tolerant liberals" demand you be censored for not agreeing with them.

"Black people ruin everything. Arthur was created to entertain kids. Not promote sex, drugs, and being a THOT? What is a THOT? Just because you have to go on Maury to find your father doesn't mean you have the right to destroy my cartoon."- Marc Brown, creator of children's TV show Arthur

White Knight We have to protect our children and their values. These "memes" created by liberals who think theyre funny scare the living daylights out of me.

Drahcir Aluerand Lol, memes are just words. Sticks and stones my friend

Today I would like to congratulate REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT ANDREW JACKSON!!!!!! On this presidents day, he has been the best we had so far. Killing the banks (while the libs secretly caused a recession and blamed it on him) and treating the natives like the foreigners they are. We miss you ol hickory!

Today ask yourselves: What Would Nixon Do?

Huh. Quiet Conservatives aren't we?



David Brown Everyone knows Liberal tears are dry, like a child pretending to cry to get his/her way.

Some libs criticize the religious folks on the right for calling Ted Cruz the messiah then switching to President Trump... well you libtards, God chose Ted Cruz but after Cruz was losing he changed to President Trump. And the people who truly believed just followed Gods hand. I can't believe there are idiots who don't understand this.

Maximilian Gassmann So God chooses people who lose? I'm confused...

Drahcir Aluerand So god as powerful as he is, couldn't predict that Ted was going to lose? I'm disillusioned...

Jim Roberts Nobody should be questioning God this is no different then when God created humanity then destroyed it and created it again.

Drahcir Aluerand Now he sounds indecisive and regretful. That's soooooooo godlike.....

Today ask yourselves: What Would Davis Duke Do?

White Knight *David

So many triggered liberals LOL

White Knight LOL #MAGA

Shawn B. This should "trigger" everyone. You should voluntarily take this one down.