Recently a “Christian” social media page came to my attention, via a Newsweek article and the Back 2 God Radio Show, focused against President Trump. This message is independent of whether you support the President or not. It does not matter. The purpose of this message is for Christians, in this white hot political season especially; to understand using the adjective or noun of “Christian” doesn’t simply make it so. Dig deeper.
Some of this is probably pretty obvious. If you saw Christian Porn, would you believe it? No. What about Christian Statutes? Probably, if you had a companion photo. This begs the question if there is a spectrum or a slide from which we believe from 0 to 100. Well what about the stuff in the middle? The infamous grey area.
The posts and comments from this page seems to give credence to those Christians pre-disposed to not liking the President in the first place. The infamous middle of the spectrum I mentioned earlier. Like much of social media we tend to be attracted to things we are already interested in. These pages, posts or comments are not educating us or affecting our opinions on a foundational level. They serve to reinforce.
Jump to Faithful America. The “Christian” group in question. Place the adjective “Faithful” into the same criteria. Led by Episcopal Priest Nathan Empsall, Faithful America is intent to give clarity we need to vote against President Trump in November…from a Christian point of view. Lots of data and connections opposing the President are plastered all over supporting Mr. Empsall’s take.
I often say the media looks to create the news, not report it. This is a prime example.
A dig deeper into Empsall, which takes only minutes in any search driver, reveals a totally different adjective then “Christian.” Go to his group’s Faithful America About Us page.
“…Social Justice…Free and Just Society.” “…we work together for immigrant and refugee rights, climate justice, and full LGBTQ inclusion, among other important social, economic, and racial justice causes that reflect the values Jesus taught”.
Did Jesus teach homosexuality was ok? This is deceit wrapped in the cloth. Don’t be a sucker and fall for it.
Empsall will be held up, and willingly used as a brush to paint the entire Christian faith as being against Trump. Hoping you in the middle will be swayed.
I’ll leave it up to you to investigate further. There is plenty more to read in the so-called successes page of their website. You can still vote for whoever you think most aligns with our Christian values but don’t count on these pseudo-Christian sources just because of an adjective…Christian.
Just because they use the word doesn’t make it so.

Revolutionary Communists (REVCOM), ANTIFA, Democrat Socialists of America, Redneck Revolt, John Brown Gun Club, Black Bloc, and others.
There are multiple overlapping Anti-American groups taking advantage of these situations. People move from one group to the other and have membership is multiple. Some groups I don’t even know about.
I am not sure if they are all present at these recent riots but, I assure you there are factions which are. Coordination on a nation scale doesn't just happen. It’s rehearsed and orchestrated! Radio Coms, Bull Horns, Preprinted Signs, "Uniforms", don’t just happen organically.
RevCom signage, for instance, was mapped in multiple cities in the aftermath of Treyvon and Michael Brown. They go to big cities because there is more media and more splash. But small cities need not ignore.
As Christians we tend to have this bubble around us. There is real evil out there. REAL EVIL. And this evil knows no boundaries of geography, race, socio-economic status, education level. So pointing fingers at this group or that is useless. There is evil in all the above categories. The puppeteers of these efforts live and thrive off division. If there isn’t any, they create it. And the FBI and CIA leaderships are complicit as far as I am concerned. They've shown their colors. So expecting to see jail time is a false hope. It won't happen by them.
What typically, I have learned, is;
Step 1. Something breaks out
Step 2. The alert goes out
Step 3. Moments, Hours and Days later these folks swarm in and blend in or try to. The out of state tags and out of state people arrested is usually a clue. Look at what they are wearing. Out of state people have no problem burning or destroying something in someone else’s neighborhood.
I would encourage you to watch the video from my friend and film maker Trevor Loudon called America Under Siege: Antifa. You can find it on YouTube. He has studied way the matter more than I have and knows the score. Beyond this video, The John Birch Society also produced a video called Anarchy USA in the 1960's documenting communist overthrows in multiple countries deploying these exact same tactics.
In any event, when the wall fell in Germany and Reagan gave his speech, when the USSR was broken up, all it did was give Americans a false sense of security. Things never really changed. Communism certainly did not go away.
The Democrat Socialists of America currently contend they have 100 members or sympathizers in the US House. Do you know how many it takes to elect leadership? 110. Yes 110.
Every Shakespearean play has an Antagonist and a Protagonist. Every one. It is Republicans v Democrats, USA v USSR, Coke v Pepsi, Burger King v McDonalds. This is a distraction from the real threat..... The WRITERS of the play. USA and USSR are NOT, I repeat NOT the top of the food chain here. The writers of this nightmare are the GLOBALISTS. They want you distracted and in fighting. They want you to believe all these illusions of divisions. They want you to think voting for this President or that one is a fix.
Friends... the fix is in alright. It is theater. The damage is real but it being a means to end of racism is an illusion. As they say in theater, plot twist. There is no real end until the US is in Globalist hands.
They control both sides of the aisle. It doesn't matter to them who wins the elections. It's like the bookie who takes bets for both teams.
In the end, what's the solution? We need to quit being so passive and hiding from the facts to protect our own little corner of the world. I could ramble off a bunch of cliches but in the end America needs to confront this head on where ever these globalists rear their ugly, Luciferian, two-sided heads. Call it like it is......and don't back down.
The first hurdle for you is recognizing the threat is real. Second is, it's really not about the two party system. Third the government has their best interests at heart, not your's. In DC it is one big party, two sides of the same coin. (Save for the few shining lights).
Not to cross-pollinate organizations but I work for The John Birch Society, as I said in the TV show. We at JBS have a 60+ year history of mapping these uprising and all the tentacles going with it. We've been lambasted because we represent a real threat, shining the light on them, and organizing to do something about it.
You need to join the ranks at www.jbs.org and get organized. You have to know the information and SOLUTION. Otherwise info just makes you the best educated person in the prison camp. That's not going to keep them out of your house, town, area. If I can be of any service please contact me as soon as possible. We have no time to waste.
In days gone by, the church had the black robe regiment as Pastor Paul Blair notes in his Liberty Pastors Seminar. Maybe it’s time to resurrect them.

Tim Marden
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Tim Marden
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Folks this bailout talk is just nuts. The bill stuffing is just crazy and will not help in the long run. Do me a favor and go here. Its an easy way to let our elected employees know you are against this.
I don't have time to go into the intricacies of why.