Common-sense lesson: When your wife tells you not to let a stripper stay in your guest room, listen to her.

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Even if they all started standing tomorrow (without linking arms) as they always should have, the game is tainted so long as any of these players remain in the league. So I will be done with the NFL forever. It makes me sad though that only 10% (or whatever the aggregate but still small percentage of loss is) of the former NFL viewers have abandoned ship. In another age when we loved our country, it would have been nearly unanimous.

So which is it, lefties? White racist women in the south lied about black men raping them leading to lynching -- or all rape survivors tell the truth, and therefore, all of these lynched black men must have been rapists? The inevitable T-bone crash of one left-wing thought paradigm with another, with To Kill a Mockingbird stuck in the middle.

Good thing Cam Newton is just exercising his 1st Amendment right to express his deeply felt opinions or he would be in BIG trouble . . .

A weekend without the NFL. I didn’t miss it.

Am I the only one who thinks the players standing and linking arms is nearly as bad as what they were doing before? Just stand respectfully for 3 minutes for goodness sake. How hard is it to show love for your country? Standing with a fist in the air is standing too and just as disrespectful.

Shawn B. i still see no reason to watch the NFL.

Jaycen Rigger If they were protesting some injustice that had anything to do with football, it might make sense. As it is, Collin Kapernack can walk down to his local police headquarters and use social media to draw a few hundred protesters if he really wanted to call attention to what he believes to be police abuse of force. Thus, this isn't really about police abuse, it's about Collin, and every other adult-child who participates.

I am done with the NFL and NBA. If MLB doesn't nip this in the bud by disciplining the Maxwell idiot, I will be done with pro baseball too. If they hate my country I do not have time for them. Those athletes who love America need to stop this behavior of their teammates.