I will make the same request as Donna Brock Strong. Thank you, Donna, for the "heads up". We would be very blessed by having each of you like, subscribe, and click to turn on notifications on our YouTube channel. Thank you!!!


Donna Brock Strong You're very welcome. Have to do what we can to stay in touch with Gospel Music fans!

Donna Brock Strong BTW ... your link above isn't allowing me to click it. You probably should go to your YouTube channel and copy the URL because there's more information that's not showing.

Diane Diggles Hmmm, that is strange. I will try that. I wonder if I needed to do something to make it clickable.

Diane Diggles Donna Brock Strong, it turns out I needed to include the https://. Thank you for catching thay!

Diane Diggles
Changed profile picture.

Laurie Downing Hello you found me.

Diane Diggles I was notified of your friend request!

Laurie Downing 😀