I had an invitation. A week or two later a second one. Here is one of the photos. The words were as I recall..."You are welcome to join if you wish".

A rich man may have a huge 300 foot yacht or a small 60 foot yacht. However when is comes to a beach full of sexy girls either yacht will impress them. But the guy with the small one can anchor in very shallow water near the beach full of girls while the huge yacht is far out.

Now the rich man near shore has a big executive decision to make. How to get his "dingy" from yacht to beach.... Roe vs. Wade

U.S. Troops and Warriors of all time. You must wait only a little longer to be Healed and set FREE.

ATTENTION Illegal Aliens. Just go back and fill out the application. Then you can stay in Ammerica as long as you don't kill people. You can eat your puppy.

Right to Bare Arms. A man turned the corner and saw a bunch of Muslims in Prayer.
He shot them all, but that is NOT the BAD PART.
The doctor stitched the wrong assholes shut.

Larry Brown must be a democriminal think tank

Homeless Veterans issue can be ENDED


JOIN MY GROUP People Open to an Option to TRUMP in 2020 but only a short time in Office because you can't change Prophesy. I will share my plans and solutions to enough of the right people for them to survive me & at the same time prepare a means for those who refuse the Mark to survive slow death by starvation.

A friend who was incharge of the Space Shuttle.